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  1969's Grand Seiko VFA
  Very Fine Adjusted Cal.4580 25jewels
       Manual Winding GS 4580-7010 

, which gave
shocking impact to swiss watch manufactures.

  In 1968, 78pcs. of 100 Grand Seikos accomlished a great
success that cleared
Swiss Chronometer Contest at New

 In 1969, Seiko started to sell 78pcs. of Grand Seiko VFA
on commercial basis.  Between 1969 and 1970, Seiko sold
153 pcs of Cal.4580 in total.

 At that time, most of Swiss wrist watches were made only
for the contest, therefore they were not practically enough
to sell in the market on durability, in other words, primitive
to sell.

  In 2011, we, iishop in Tokyo, try to restore one of those
Grand Seiko VFA Cal.4580, after 41 years since it was sold.

  And we surely will give shocking impact to the world's watch
repair industries again.

  Overhauling, dial refinishing or remake, glass replacement and
sophisticated watch case polishing. 







 Small characters under 6(six) hour index, we surely are able to restore and print.


 Sophisticated watch dial refinishing or redone



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